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Christophe Vitari (Richard Anconina) heads a successful firm, working as a consultant tothe Devaux group, a leading company in the paper industry. When Katya(NoémieMerlant), a young executive of the company, is suspected of having killed FrédéricBrugier, the director of a rivalcompany,Devaux charges Christophe with the task of ensuring Katya’s defense.
More information: CHRISTOPHE'S LAW (France)>

Sunday 13 August 2017, 21:00 - 22:50


Saturday 30 Sep 03:45 : Christophe's Law (France)
Wednesday 4 Oct 14:00 : Christophe's Law (France)
Monday 9 Oct 17:10 : Christophe's Law (France)
Tuesday 10 Oct 06:00 : Christophe's Law (France)


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