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After a scandalous premier, actress Leila Manner (Elina Knihtilä) flees the paparazzi to the family’s old summer villa with her two sons, short-tempered Ilmari (Samuli Niittymäki) and his younger brother Unto (Eetu Julin). Their peaceful time together is soon interrupted when Leila invites a group of her friends, including Aimo (Eero Aho), over to spend the weekend. When the other guests leave, Aimo stays and the atmosphere at the villa surrounded by woods becomes suddenly threatening.
More information: THE GOOD SON (Finland)>

Wednesday 13 September 2017, 21:00 - 22:30


Wednesday 20 Sep 14:00 : The Good Son (Finland)
Thursday 21 Sep 12:20 : The Good Son (Finland)
Sunday 24 Sep 18:00 : The Good Son (Finland)
Monday 25 Sep 02:00 : The Good Son (Finland)


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