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In occupied Paris, during the filming of Les Enfants du Paradis, the nonconformist actress Arletty (Laëtitia Casta) lives according to her own rules, falling in love with a young German soldier, Hans Jurgen Soehring (Ken Duken).
More information: ARLETTY, A GUILTY PASSION (France)

Friday 13 October 2017, 09:15 - 10:50


Wednesday 18 Oct 06:00 : Arletty, A Guilty Passion (France)
Friday 20 Oct 21:00 : Arletty, A Guilty Passion (France)
Saturday 21 Oct 12:30 : Arletty, A Guilty Passion (France)
Thursday 26 Oct 00:25 : Arletty, A Guilty Passion (France)


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