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Umberto Maria Dorlonim (Claudio Bisio) is a successful lawyer and a socialite who likes parties and a lavish life. He’s got it all, except any ethical qualms. He will never admit it, but he knows that his stay-at-home wife’s got far more brains than he doesand is much better at dealing with their problem children. Only a step away from the top, his perfect world crumbles, showing him the brutal downside tohis life; in a tragicomic downward spiral of deceptions and setbacks, he understands he must fight back to regainhis place in society, but as a new man.
More information: PEOPLE WHO ARE WELL (Italy)>

Monday 17 July 2017, 17:00 - 19:00


Wednesday 22 Nov 19:50 : People Who Are Well (Italy)
Thursday 23 Nov 02:55 : People Who Are Well (Italy)
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Saturday 25 Nov 16:45 : People Who Are Well (Italy)


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