Airing Now16:40 - 18:25Nowhere in Moravia (Czech Republic)
Tonight 20:00 - 21:45Palace Beach Hotel (France)
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On vacation, four students dig up WWII battlefield graves, unearthing books that display their own photos and names. Transported back to 1942, they experience the horrors of war first hand, forge long lasting relationships and endure the pain of returning home without those left behind.
More information: WE ARE FROM THE FUTURE (Russia)>

Wednesday 18 October 2017, 10:25 - 12:25


Sunday 26 Nov 19:45 : We are from the Future (Russia)
Monday 27 Nov 11:40 : We are from the Future (Russia)
Thursday 30 Nov 12:50 : We are from the Future (Russia)


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