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Tonight 21:00 - 22:35A Children's Story (Italy)
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During a visit to his brother, who is hospitalized in a psychiatric unit, Lanester (Richard Berry) witnesses a brutal death, immediately followed by a suicide. Accident or madness? A vigilante seems to take clinical tests to eliminate sick people who have committed violent acts or sexual assault and have escaped justice. Still other patients, quite harmless, are in turn poisoned and suddenly become subject to delirious episodes or crises of despair. Has the hospital director, driven by greed, agreed to overextend hazardous therapeutic trials? Is someone trying to harm him by attacking his patients? Several staff members seem to have some reason to take revenge on him.
More information: LANESTER (France)>

Friday 19 May 2017, 15:00 - 17:00


Friday 30 Jun 14:00 : Lanester - The children of the latter rain (France)


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