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10 - Jean-Laurent Chautems - Switzerland


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Interview with Jérôme Robart

10 (10, 2010)

Director: Jean-Laurent Chautems
Cast: Isabelle Caillat, Séverine Bujard, Paulo Dos Santos


Poker can be a deadly game, especially when it is play with the wrong players. Eurochannel takes you to join a poker table for a game in which money is not the main bet. Hidden secrets and the darkest intentions are revealed slowly but surely during ten days and ten episodes. 10 on Eurochannel… you've never played in a table like this!

Directed by Jean-Laurent Chautems, 10 is a Swiss series about ten people gathered around a poker table. . From a young and heartbroken hesitating guy to a Chinese press agent and a professional poker player, they all have something to hide. However they do not know that not all the players are there to win and that the police are keeping them under surveillance.

Borrowing inspiration from award-winning famous series such as HBO's Six Feet Under or The Sopranos, this Swiss series is set in an urban setting and delivers its story in plots and sub-plots, as the best American TV hits. But the series is also inspired in the social phenomena that poker has turn into "as even in prestigious education institutes in Geneva are offering poker classes", according to the director.

Due to its complex yet gripping plot and dedicated detail to photography and visual effects, 10 was awarded with the Best TV Show Prize at the TV Fiction Festival in La Rochelle, France.

Eurochannel invites you to meet ten players and try to solve the puzzle that this poker game -- and their minds -- represent in a series in which the next move can be a deadly one.


Episode 1    

Somewhere in Geneva, December 31st. Eight players sit down around a poker table. In the game, almost a million Francs to be won. According to Simon, teacher and poker dealer in this episode, one don’t have to play when cannot afford to lose. Who is there for wrong reasons?
Episode 2

The organizer of the poker game, Vincent Torrela, has secretly hidden the half million. However, the money is stuck in a ventilation shaft and the police are monitoring the poker game with cameras. Which players will the investigators catch?

Episode 3

Suddenly the electricity goes out in the whole building and the players can no longer see their own hands in front of their eyes. Has someone caused the power failure on purpose or is it a short circuit? Perhaps someone has been waiting under cover of darkness, waiting to plot his next moves.

Episode 4

Now it is clear: Once a thief and a garrulous diplomat have put their cards on the table, and also a traitor is sitting at the table, it's no longer about the game of poker. Everyone seems to have something to hide and wants much more than simply to win. Disaster is inevitable.

Episode 5

At midnight, it's time for a break; the New Year will begin. The poker game can now be divided into two groups: for those who still work out, there are opportunities for a bright future, but the others must hope for a miracle so that they can free themselves from misery.

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