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2 Unlimited - Belgium

2 unlimited

2 unlimited

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2 Unlimited


They are considered as one of the key groups and pioneers in the world of electronic house. With their catchy and bombastic rhythms a whole generation danced and enjoyed thrilling party nights across the globe. Now it is your turn to once again enjoy the music that made people dance in the 90s… Welcome to a music special with 2 Unlimited.

The brainchild of two Belgian producers, Jean-Paul DeCoster and Phil Wilde, 2 Unlimited broke into the music scene in 1991 with a unique music blend that took the world by surprise. Mixing techno, house, dance and pop, the project became one of the most popular groups in Europe during the early 1990s, selling 18 million records and charting number one singles in every European country.

With worldwide hits such as "No Limit," "Get Ready For This," or "Twilight Zone," 2 Unlimited made dance with frenzy almost everybody old enough to party in the world. Although their career was successful, having released four studio albums, the group split up in 1996, leaving the world eager for more of their fantastic music.

To celebrate their career and the old exciting days of the 1990s, Eurochannel presents a unique music special with the hits of the Belgian group that revolutionized an era of music.


Unlimited is a Eurodance project founded in 1991 by two Belgian producers Jean-Paul DeCoster and Phil Wilde and fronted by Dutch rapper Ray Slijngaard and Dutch vocalist Anita Doth. During five years of enormous worldwide popularity, the act scored 16 chart hits, including "Get Ready for This", "Twilight Zone", "No Limit" and "Tribal Dance". They have sold 18 million records worldwide. Although they enjoyed less mainstream notoriety in the United States, many of their songs have become popular themes of US sporting events, particularly the NHL.

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