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3 Famous Austrian Killers in History




3 Famous Austrian Killers in History

Celebrating the airing of Eurochannel’s new series: Murders in Vienna, an action-packed series about an elite police team investigating homicides in the Austrian capital, we have selected three famous killers that you should know about.

Jack Unterweger
Johann "Jack" Unterweger was an Austrian serial killer who committed crimes in several countries including West Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and the United States. Initially convicted in 1974 of a single murder, Unterweger began to write extensively while in prison. His work gained the attention of the Austrian literary elite, who took it as evidence that he had been rehabilitated. After significant lobbying, he was released on parole in 1990. After his release, he became a minor celebrity and worked as a playwright and journalist, but within months he resumed killing women. Unterweger hanged himself in prison after being convicted of nine more murders in June 1994.

Ernst Karl
Born in August 1945. Karl was an Austrian police officer convicted of murdering two burglars he had known for some time, who extorted him for his alleged homosexuality. Karl was sentenced to life imprisonment for the two murders and transferred to Stein Prison. There, he strangled 41-year-old convicted murderer Johann Rogatsch with his bare hands in the detention center's recreation room. In 2001 he died on a belt bed in Stein Prison.

Harald Sassak
Harald Sassak was an Austrian serial killer who went into criminal history as a gas assassin. He was also the longest-serving of Austrian imprisoned convicts. In 1971 and 1972 he committed six killings out of greed and served a life sentence in prison for them.

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