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Interview with Corinne Touzet

A Forgotten Murder (Un crime oublié, 2013)

Director: Patrick Volson
Cast: Corinne Touzet, Guillaume Cramoisan, Michèle Moretti, Anne Benoit
Genre: Thriller


This is a trip to the Alps that a woman will never forget. She journeys to her childhood home to say farewell to her deceased brother, but the family reunion is not a happy one. Eurochannel invites you to the cold landscapes of the French Alps to discover what lies behind A Forgotten Murder.

Starring Corinne Touzet, one of France’s most famous actresses, A Forgotten Murder tells the story of Marylou. This complex character lives now a happy life, but her past was plagued with disappointments, abuse and sadness ― her childhood was not happy and her first marriage was a nightmare. Going back to the chalet where she was raised, Marylou faces the unbearable atmosphere of her family home and ghosts from the past reemerge.

Set in the enchanting landscapes of the French Alps, A Forgotten Murder leads viewers to discover the truth behind Marylou’s past in a jaw-dropping and thrilling plot. The wintery background and film’s score immerses spectators even more in the dark side of a family. Mysteries, an oppressive atmosphere, ghosts from the past, and strange events are the ingredients of A Forgotten Murder that keep us engaged from start to end.

Come with Marylou on a journey to her past that will change her life, and those of her family, forever.


Marylou (Corinne Touzet) is a mother who seems happy with her new boyfriend Sylvain (Guillaume Cramoisan) but, in reality, she’s hiding an old wound. When her brother passes away, she returns to her childhood chalet and painful memories return.

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