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A Music Lesson (Une leçon de musique, 2014)

Director: Marie-Ange Gorbanevsky
Genre: Documentary


Come and meet the future stars of Russia’s classical music scene and their devoted teachers. Eurochannel presents a documentary that will take you to Russia for a master class in A Music Lesson.

Directed by Marie-Ange Gorbanevsky, A Music Lesson takes viewers through the most extraordinary classrooms in Europe’s music world, within the Rimsky-Korsakov Special Music School, known as Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. In this independent documentary, there is space for everybody and everything: teachers and students, kids and teenagers, piano and cello, classic and modernity – everything masterfully chronicled through the director’s lens.

In this private stroll through one of the most renowned sites for developing classical legends, the intimacy of the music lessons shows viewers not only how to awaken children to music at a young age, but also the close bonds between students and teachers on this delicate and perilous path, which leads to extraordinary virtuosity.
Welcome to Saint Petersburg State Conservatory, and discover who will be the future stars of the most famous philharmonic, sinfoniettas, and chamber ensembles of the world!


A documentary that showcases the life of a selected group of students and teachers in one of the most prestigious music schools of Russia, the Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. Through interviews and recorded performances, they deliver their carefully crafted passion to prove why music runs through their veins.

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