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A Spiritual Matter (Une histoire d'âme, 2015)

Director: Bénédicte Acolas
Cast: Sophie Marceau
Genre: Drama


Plunge into the feelings, desires, anger, joy and despair of a woman whose life has been a roller coaster. Eurochannel presents the French production, A Spiritual Matter.

Is she crazy, or, quite the contrary, has she been illuminated by the truth? Is she angry, or does she find redemption for her anguish? Is she irrational, or is she inviting us to reflect on our own irrationality, disguised by the conventions of modern society? These and other questions are shaped through one of the most thoughtful and enigmatic French cinema productions in recent years.

Directed by Bénédicte Acolas, A Spiritual Matter is the first-ever adaptation of an Ingmar Bergman script since his passing. In this movie, Viktoria is a 40-year-old woman who seems to have gone mad and develops a compelling and moving monologue of moments that marked her existence. As the film develops, she immerses us in her memories, dreams, joys and dashed hopes. This portrait of a woman is a reflection on memory, desire, and freedom.

A Spiritual Matter was first adapted to theater by Bénédicte Acolas, starring the same actress, the beautiful and still sensual Sophie Marceau, known worldwide for her breathtaking interpretation of the villainess Bond girl Elektra King in The World Is Not Enough. Now a renowned figure in French cinema, Sophie takes a stand-alone role to entertain and amaze audiences during an 82-minute monologue.

Come meet a sensual and sensible woman with a passion for the truth, a sense of humour, and perspective on her own life, who moves away from a kind of reality to plunge into her memories, imaginations and delusions.    


Viktoria (Sophie Marceau), a bishop's daughter and pastor's wife, talks to herself and reveals her intimate world: her joys and woes, her childhood and her relationship with her cheating and aloof husband. She voyages from life to life, seemingly playing several roles. She remembers, dreams, fantasizes and hallucinates, bringing back to life her late husband, mother, father and friends.

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