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Absent Chimeras (Chimères absentes, 2010)
France / Italy

Director: Fanny Ardant
Cast: Fanny Ardant, Francesco Montanari, Paolo Triestino
Genre: Drama


Fanny Ardant, the legend of French cinema, continues to campaign for the integration of Romani people in Europe. Godmother of the campaign of the European Council, she declares, “Enough! Let’s work beyond our prejudices, let’s meet the Romani.” In Absent Chimeras, she delivers a beautiful short film about this captivating yet oppressed culture.

Sonietcka, a Romani girl, cannot afford to eat at the school canteen. Only Malvina, a music teacher, defies the prohibitions to discover the complexity, richness and freedom of traditional Romani culture.

With a cast that includes both professional and amateurs actors, Absent Chimeras successfully portrays the colors of Romani costumes to highlight the abundance of their culture, gifting a timeless quality to the project. As Fanny Ardant remarked in an interview, this short film has an unwittingly prophetic character: shortly after its release, a Romani girl living in Italy was rejected by a school because her family did not have the means to pay for food in the cafeteria.

At the International Romani Day, on April 8, 2015, Absent Chimeras was screened at La Maison de l’Europe in Paris with Fanny Ardant, in an event organized in partnership with Eurochannel.


In Italy, a school refuses to enroll Sonietcka, a Romani girl, because her family cannot pay for her to eat in the cafeteria. Only Malvina (Fanny Ardant), a music teacher, is brave enough to discover the complexity, richness and freedom of traditional Roma culture.

Awards and Festivals:

Lifetime Award - MOLODIST (Kiev)
Parajanov’s Taller Award - Golden Apricot (Yerevan International Film Festival)

Airing times

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