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Alexandre’s Law (La Loi d’Alexandre, 2015)

Director: Claude-Michel Rome, Philippe Venault
Cast: Gérard Jugnot, Valeria Cavalli, Sara Martins, Héléna Soubeyrand
Genre: Drama


After Barbara’s Law, the lawyers’ cycle continues with a sequel, three new stories and a new attorney who will stop at nothing to make sure justice is reached in every case he takes. Discover some of the most tangled criminal cases in a new three-episode series: Alexandre’s Law!

Conceived as a three-episode miniseries, Alexandre’s Law is, like its prequel, one of the most praised television endeavors undertaken in France in recent years. In this production, Alexandre, a successful lawyer who works by the book, does not get any rest until he is sure justice has triumphed in every case.

Upholding the ideal of having an icon of French acting for the main role, Alexandre’s Law stars the one and only Gérard Jugnot, a four-time César Awards nominee. Valeria Cavalli and Héléna Soubeyrand, who have credits in award-winning productions like The Past and Taken, co-star.

In Alexandre’s Law first episode, Alexandre faces a call of destiny. One of his dearest friends is murdered, leaving him to face a tragedy he is barely able to deal with. Determined to pursue justice, Alexandre sets on a quest to find the murderer of his "brother," and decides to take the fight to the front line.

Alexandre’s Law is directed by Claude-Michel Rome and Philippe Venault, who also directed Palace Beach Hotel, previously aired by Eurochannel.

Come discover the truth behind the most troubling cases and find out the life-changing verdict awaiting Alexandre’s clients!


Alexandre Laurent (Gérard Jugnot) and Raphaël Menaud (François Duval) have been best friends since their childhood in state care. They became partners in a law firm, making a great team: one a great speaker, the other an excellent jurist preferring to stay in the shadows. Alexandre has always had total admiration for Raphaël. But then Alexandre discovers Raphaël’s dead body...

Episode 2: Love Isn’t Enough

Alexandre Laurent (Gérard Jugnot) is on a new case; he has to defend a man called Benoit (Grégori Derangère), a brilliant medical school teacher accused of the murder of a riding school’s director. The victim was his wife's lover. Everything points to Alexandre’s client, who, of course, claims his innocence…

Episode 3: The portrait of her mother

An admired and respected figure in the tribunals, Alexandre (Gérard Jugnot) sees his life turned upside down when defending a young woman, Julia (Hande Kodja), accused of murdering her employer. Julia is the image of an eccentric artist Alexandre loved 25 years ago. Julia never knew her father, and the date of her conception coincides with an affair between Julia’s mother and him. Alexandre is convinced that Julia is his daughter, but he cannot tell her: this would force him to drop the case.

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