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Director: Richard Copans, Frederic Compain, Stan Neuman

This ongoing series of films is devoted to the most remarkable achievements in modern architecture, from the works that heralded the birth of the modern style at the end of the 19th century to the latest designs by today's top architects.

Each film examines the structure of the building, the architectural techniques as well as its cultural and historical influences. By examining a key building in detail, the series brings light to its role in the evolution of architecture.

- Guggenheim Museum Bilbao ( Spain)

- The Abbey of Sainte-Foy ( France)

- The palace of Congress, Rome ( Italy)

- The Saline Royale d'Arcs et Senans ( France) : Claude Nicolas Ledoux

- Center Georges Pompidou ( France) : Renzo Piano & Richard Rogers

- The Jewish Museum, Berlin ( Germany) : Daniel Liebeskind

- The Dessau Bauhaus :  ( Germany)Walter Gropius

- The Convent of  La Tourette ( France) : Le Corbusier

- The Satolas TGV Station, Lyon ( France) : Santiago Calatrava

- The Saint-Pancras Station, London: ( Great Britain) Scott & Barlow

- The Villa d'Ava, Paris: ( France) Rem Koolhas

- The Opera National de Paris, Garnier ( France) : Charles Garnier

- The Amiens Museum ( France) : Henri Parent

- Pierrefonds, the Architect's Castle ( France): Viollet-Le-Duc

- The House of Iron : Victor Horta

- Nemausus, Nimes ( France) : Jean Nouvel

- The Umberto Gallery, Naples ( Italy) : Emmanuele Rocco

- The Royal and Imperial Post Office Saving Bank of Vienna ( Austrian) : Otto Wagner

- The Siza's School ( Portugal) : Alvaro Siza

- The Fine Arts Institute, Beaux Arts, Paris ( France) : Felix Duban

- The Stone Spa ( Switzerland): Peter Zumthor

- The Casa Mila, Barcelona ( Spain) : Antonio Gaudi

- The Saynatsalo Town Hall ( Finland) : Alvar Aalto

- The House of Glass, Paris ( France) : Pierre Chareau

- The House of Jean Prouve ( France)

- The Alhambra of Granada ( Spain)

- The wind box : Christian Hauvette

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