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Audacity - Czech Republic

Audacity (Czech Republic, 2021) by Eurochannel

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Audacity (Bozena, 2021)
Czech Republic

Cast: Anna Geislerová, Anna Kameníková, Jan Hájek, Martin Mysicka
Director: Lenka Wimmerová
Genre: Drama
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 4
Length: 82’


A biopic of Bozena Nemcová, a famous 19th century Czech writer and feminist, focused on her complicated on-off relationship with her husband Josef Nemec. Eurochannel premiers Audacity.

The true story of Bozena Nemcová depicted in four episodes as she goes through the ups and downs of 19th century life. Four episodes based in year 1837, 1842, 1847, and 1855.

The year is 1837, 17-year-old Bara is rebellious, eager and free-spirited. She would rather read than bake. This attracts the interest of men. Her parents can no longer handle her, so they are looking for a groom who would marry her even without a dowry. The best game is Josef Nemec, a retired official. Bara resists the marriage, but she has no chance against her parents' will.

The year is 1842, the Germans have just moved to Prague where Josef is trying to establish himself as a financial officer. Bara is 22 years old; she is the mother of four children and can no longer give birth after her last difficult birth. A new world suddenly opens up before the young woman longing for company.

The year is 1847, Josef became an exemplary acclaimed financial commissioner and Bara, the dreaded "reporter" from the Czech countryside. Both spouses live by politics and the hope that the emperor will finally recognize the rights of the Czechs. They have the same goals; they are a strong couple until the revolution affects their lives and dreams and shatters them to pieces.

The year is 1855, Josef is out of service due to a police investigation and is not allowed to return to Prague. Bara tries to support her family by writing. She is a full-time writer, lives on debt and finds herself above her chances and distractions in student parties. She is increasingly uncompromising in her life, but she continues to seek love.

This miniseries is an epic story of a girl, later a woman who has great inner light and a huge desire to go where it takes her, despite obstacles, despite the time and the people around her.

Audacity S1 E1

Seventeen-year-old Bara is a rebellious, eager, and free-spirited girl. She prefers to read than to bake. To appease her spirits, she is forced into marriage.

Audacity S1 E2

Bara is introduced to the new elite of Czech society after the German invasion. A life-changing opportunity she seizes to her benefit.

Audacity S1 E3

Bara and her husband are one of the most famous couples in the country until the revolution affects their lives and their dreams shatter to pieces.

Audacity S1 E4

Bara supports her family as a full-time writer. With her husband away, she seeks love in a different man.

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