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Tribunals Can Be Entertaining: Three Lawyers in Fiction

Three Memorable Courtroom Movies

Barbara’s Law (La loi de Barbara, 2014)

Director: Didier Le Pêcheur
Cast: Josiane Balasko, Olivier Claverie, Cécile Rebboah
Genre: Drama


How does it feel to defend someone when everything seems to accuse them? Eurochannel invites you to one of France’s most severe tribunals to witness the most gripping court cases alongside a woman obsessed by justice. Nobody escapes Barbara’s Law!

Conceived as a three-episode miniseries, Barbara’s Law is one of the most praised television endeavors taken in France in recent years. In this production, Barbara, a lawyer by the book, does not get any rest until she is sure justice has triumphed in every case she takes; her only condition is the existence of doubt on her client’s guilt!

In Barbara’s Law first episode, Olivier is a man accused of murdering his neighbor. Despite all the evidence, his relentless request to change all the lawyers advising him to pledge guilt are intriguing. Only Barbara, with her experience and particular skills is brave to defend him against all odds.

Barbara’s Law, is directed by Didier Le Pêcheur, a renowned screenwriter and director famous for his works in local productions. Enriching this production is the great Josiane Balasko, a two-time Cesar Award winner, whose career has spanned for more than 40 years in France.

Come discover the truth behind the most troubling cases and find out the life-changing verdict awaiting for her clients!


Episode 1

Olivier Landry (Olivier Claverie) is accused of murdering his neighbor Alex, former sports star, who kept up a torrid affair with his wife. The trial record is overwhelming for the suspect who nevertheless continues to deny the crime, rejecting the lawyers pushing him to plead guilty until the file is seen bt Barbara (Josiane Balasko) few days before the trial. Disturbed by this case that reminds her painful story behind his vocation, Barbara accepts to defend him.

Episode 2

Pierre Consigny, head of a media group, has decided to run in the parliamentary elections. But one of his young workers accuses him of rape. The cause seems lost because Consigny responds to the allegations too aggressively. Barbara will plead this cause as the charges accumulate against her client.

Episode 3

Nadège, wife of lawyer Edward Langevin, calls the police and announces that she just killed her lover. Barbara questions whether she wanted to break with her lover or if she fought and defended herself. Nadège is not clear with her explanations and the murder weapon is not found. Barbará takes the court again!

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