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Black Sun - Serbia

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Black Sun

Cast: Dragan Bjelogrlić, Andrija Kuzmanović, Marija Bergam
Director: Dragan Bjelogrlić
Genre: Historical drama
Length: 60'
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 20


High politics, local interests, money, and crime, all merge together in this thriller set in the turbulent Europe during the late 1930's.

Episode 1:

One night, the priest of a Russian church is viciously murdered. Young inspector, Stanko Pletikosić, gets his first job - to find killer alongside a war veteran: Inspector Tane.

Episode 2:

Tane and Stanko meet again at the scene and note that the victim and Maja have identical costumes. They examine Maja and Vojin, and soon conclude that Maja is Vojin's mistress.

Episode 3:

Tane and Stanko find out only partial images of the killer in security videos. Tane worries that Maja visits the murder scene again.

Episode 4:

Tane is angry with Dimitrijevic for Aljoša's kidnapping and murder. He suspects the prison doctor was ordered to get him out of jail.

Episode 5:

Tane, barely alive, finds Niški with her people and leads him to Prša. Tane learns from Niški that Krojač is a war veteran and that in the past he has been in contact with the famous Tankosic and his "black arm boys".

Episode 6:

Maya was initially shocked that Avram was a butcher, but when he recalls some details, everything begins to get a new meaning.

Episode 7:

Tane and Stanko examine the evidence against Zivojin, who could have been involved in Avram's death.

Episode 8:

A raid in Macedonia comes as retribution for Damjan's abduction. Stanko admits to Tane that he killed Stavre.

Episode 9:

Tane finds Stanko in a bar. Tane tells him to go to Toponica and talk to Prince Djordje , the author of the painting "The Black Sun", which hangs on a wall in Avakumovic's house.

Episode 10:

The final clash is close. Tane and Stanko ask Dimitrijević to guarantee that Kaluđera will be brought to court if they arrest him.

Airing times

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