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Black Widows - Scandinavia

Black Widows (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, 2016) by Eurochannel



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Black Widows (Black Widows, 2016)
Norway, Sweden, Denmark

Director: Janic Heen, Carsten Myllerup
Cast: Peter Stormare, Cecilia Forss, Beate Bille, Synnøve Macody Lund
Genre: Drama


Three couples in their 30s enjoy a traditional trip to a cottage by the lake. Suddenly, it all becomes mayhem. Rebeka, Johanne and Kira have grown tired of their husbands’ abuse and make a life-changing decision ― to kill them! An explosion will teach them that freedom has its price. Eurochannel invites you to meet the darkest women in Scandinavia in a new TV series: Black Widows.

Mixing the best of Nordic crime drama with crackling dialogue and dark, wicked humor, Black Widows follows three women with exceptionally bad common things in common, their husbands. They are violent;they are criminal; and they are a threat to their families’ safety.The women plot to get rid of their husbands and when the deed is done . . . it is time for the women to start anew. But things are never that straightforward.

Divided in eight episodes, the first season of Black Widows further develops the Nordic thriller concept with a cross-national story. After the dangerous and seductive trio murder their husbands, what they thought would gain their freedom back turns into a cross-border policeinvestigation.

Black Widows stars some of the most famous talents of Scandinavia, with A-list names such as Peter Stormare, Cecilia Forss, BeateBille, andSynnøveMacody. With this cast, and a thrilling story that takes the notion of ‘Nordic Noir’to a new level, the series became a massive TV success in Sweden, Norway and Denmark following its premiere.

Welcome to Scandinavia to plunge into the aftermath of a fatal plot. Will these sinister widows get away with their plans? Are their husbands truly dead? Come find the answers in every episode of Eurochannel’s new series: Black Widows.

Black Widows – S01 E1

Best friends Rebeka (Cecilia Forss), Johanne (Synnøve Macody Lund) and Kira (Beate Bille) enjoy a weekend at a summer cottage in Norway with their husbands. The men board their fishing boat and leave the wives behind on shore. As the boat sails into the distance, it explodes without warning. Back on the pier, the three women toast with champagne. Rebecka, Johanne and Kira killed their husbands to win their freedom but the “accident” soon becomes a joint Swedish/Norwegian murder investigation.

Black Widows – S01 E2

The widows scour the house for bomb traces before the police arrive. Charlotte, the CEO of MEDICO, gets the news of the explosion. Unfortunately, Rami (Peter Andersson) was not on board, and is still alive. Jesper (Ken Vedsegaard) hides out at a dodgy bar at the harbor while he tries to figure out what to do next. Kira (Beate Bille) is surprised when Alex moves inafter inheriting half of her house.

Black Widows – S01 E3

Rebeka (Cecilia Forss) and Johanne (Synnøve Macody Lund) hurry home in shock. Peter (Kyrre Hellum) and Lundgren (Peter Stormare) arrive shortly thereafter. Kira (Beate Bille)takes the moneybag to Rebecka’s mother. During a police visit, Rebeka notices a suicide-email from Rami (Peter Andersson). At the police station, Peter is convinced that something is wrong. Lundgren disagrees and wants Peter to leave for Norway fast. Kira “borrows” money from the bag.

Black Widows – S01 E4

Jesper (Ken Vedsegaard) searches Rami’s (Peter Andersson) place and finds a gun, while Johanne (SynnøveMacody Lund) finds out that the accounts in STB are fixed.

Black Widows – S01 E5

Rebeka (Cecilia Forss) finds Jesper (Ken Vedsegaard) in tears ― she has gotten rid of Stefan (Johannes Kuhnke). Jesper tells her that Medico killed his colleagues, and that he cannot be seen. Rebecka keeps Jesper’s reappearance a secret. Johanne finds out about Medico.

Black Widows – S01 E6

Kira (Beate Bille)and Johanne (Synnøve Macody Lund) find Jesper (Ken Vedsegaard). They plan to kill him again, but only Johanne seems eager to do it.

Black Widows – S01 E7

Rebeka (Cecilia Forss) rushes to Jesper’s(Ken Vedsegaard)place, and manages to stop Johanne (SynnøveMacody Lund) before it is too late.

Black Widows – S01 E8

Charlotte tells Lundgren (Peter Stormare) that she wants the video to disappear, and maybe even Jesper as well. After some turmoil, Jesper(Ken Vedsegaard)and Rebeka(Cecilia Forss) are getting romantic again. Kira (BeateBille)is very jealous and drunk and calls Jesper to tell him that Rebeka tried to kill him.

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