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Interview with Noémie Merlant

Christophe’s Law (La Loi de Christophe, 2016)

Director: Jacques Malaterre
Cast: Richard Anconina, NoémieMerlant, Didier Flamand
Genre: Drama


Welcome to a thrilling new story and a new attorney who will stop at nothing to ensure that justice is served in every case he takes. After Josiane Balasko, Gérard Jugnot and, more recently, Daniel Prévost, it is Richard Anconina who takes the lawyer's role.Discover an intriguing case spiced by corporate secrets and mysteries in Christophe’s Law.

Christophe’s Law continues the success of its prequels (Barbara’s Law, Alexandre’s Law, Simon’s Law) as one of the most highly praised television endeavors undertaken in France in recent years. In this production, Christophe is thelawyer responsible for defending Katya, a young junior executive of a paper company accused of murdering the director of a rival company. Now it’s for justice to decide whether or not she’s innocent.

Maintaining the standard of casting an icon of French acting for the main role, Christophe’s Lawstars Richard Anconina, a César Award winner in 1983 for So Long, Stooge. Enriching the cast and in the female leading role is NoemieMerlant, who also participated in Young Mothers in the 70s, previously aired by Eurochannel.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy one of France’s biggest television hits of 2016, a production that, in its premiere, had an impressive three million viewers, 13.2% of the market share.    


Christophe Vitari (Richard Anconina) heads a successful firm, working as a consultant tothe Devaux group, a leading company in the paper industry. When Katya(NoémieMerlant), a young executive of the company, is suspected of having killed FrédéricBrugier, the director of a rivalcompany,Devaux charges Christophe with the task of ensuring Katya’s defense.

Airing times

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