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Dancing Quietly - Philipp Eichholtz - Germany

Dancing Quietly (Germany, 2016) by Eurochannel




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Interview with Martina Schöne-Radunski

Interview with Philipp Eichholtz

Dancing Quietly (Luca tanzt leise, 2016)

Director: Philipp Eichholtz
Cast: Martina Schöne-Radunski, Hans-Heinrich Hardt, Sebastian Fräsdorf
Genre: Drama, comedy


Luca is rebellious ― she values her freedom as much as her life. However, her past still haunts her. Is it time for her to leave the shadows behind and sail forth in search of new horizons? Eurochannel invites you to join a young woman in her transition from darkness to the light in Dancing Quietly, a poignant German drama.

Dancing Quietly is the second feature film by Philipp Eichholtz. This coming-of-age production tells the story of Luca, a young woman on the verge of adulthood who prepares for her final exams in mathematics and English to earn her high school diploma. She is not brilliant at maths but excels at English, which helps her seal a deal with her classmate Kurt: English in exchange for maths tutoring.

As the plot develops, Luca reveals the struggles and glories in her romantic and everyday lives. Her mother does not trust that she has overcome the problems of the past; her boyfriend mistreats her. Luca’s refuge becomes her pet, a rescue dog, and her only desire is to get control over her life.

With Dancing Quietly, director Philipp Eichholtz raises important questions such as when do we actually succeed in ‘living’? Is it when we understand the importance of education in our lives? When we find the right person to love? When we find a rewarding career and can afford luxuries?

According to the director, “this film is a little love letter to all those whose greatest struggle is to get up at all times every day. For people who need all their strength to create the little everyday things in life. Things that many of us do by the way without problems, such as shopping, body care or deadlines.”

An unforgiving knockout game between motivation and failure, culminating in psychological self-exposure, Dancing Quietly’s uplifting message sustains melancholy and hope to the end.


After many dark years of depression, Luca (Martina Schöne-Radunski) seeks to earn her high school diploma. Her little dog Mata helps her to find motivation and keep a positive attitude towards life. To ensure that she makes it through her maths’ exam, Luca seals a deal with a classmate. He becomes a loyal friend and remains by her side when events spiral down for Luca in her darkest of moments.

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