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Daydreaming - Patrizio Gioffredi - Italy



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Three Must-See Italian Films From 2016

Daydreaming (Sogni di gloria, 2014)

Director: Patrizio Gioffredi
Cast: Gabriele Pini, Xiuzhong Zhang, Carlo Monni, Alessandro Guariento
Genre: Comedy, Drama


Eurochannel presents Daydreaming, a movie that revives the classic style of Italian comedy films from the 1970s. Come meet two characters as they trick life and their friends to get away with their will.

A single story per film is never enough, so Daydreaming treat us with two! Directed by Patrizio Gioffredi and the brainchild of the John Snellinberg Film Collective, the movie tells the story of two characters, both named Giulio. In the first episode, a young Italian tries to get unbaptized influenced by his friends, but his family will do everything they can to change his mind.

In the second story, a Chinese immigrant wishes to become an enologist, but is constantly mistaken for a mathematical genius. Destiny takes him to a family house where playing cards is as important as eating and honor. He will be the one defending the latter for the family!

Premiered with great success at the Rome Independent Film Festival (it earned the award for Best Film), Daydreaming represents a revival of the great Italian movies from the past. Product of the John Snellinberg Film Collective, which is founded by a group of film student and enthusiasts, the movie aims to renew the tradition of the classic Italian-style comedy where films are divided into episodes, "without pretending to name them or recall them, but with the goal of recovering their bittersweet tone," as director Patrizio Gioffredi says.

Enjoy an entertaining tale about the unexpected tides of life in the deepest and most traditional Italy!    


A movie in two episodes. Two men, one Italian and one Chinese, both named Giulio, face the difficulties life has in store for them. One feels guilty because of the extreme religiousness of his family, while the other pursues a career as an enologist.

Awards and Festivals:

• First Prize - Rome Independent Film Festival
• First Prize - World Fest International Huston

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