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Three Must-See Italian Comedies of 2015 - 2016

Diary of a Well-to-do Maniac (Diario di un maniaco per bene, 2013)

Director: Michele Picchi
Cast: Giorgio Pasotti, Valeria Ghignone, Valentina Beotti, Tatiana Lepore
Genre: Comedy


Artists are often misunderstood during their lives, and it is only after some time that people begin to appreciate their art. Eurochannel presents an Italian comedy about a struggling artist trying to make sense of the world that surrounds him in a Diary of a Well-to-do Maniac.

Lupo seems to fail at every endeavor he attempts. His world is collapsing all around him –his relationships are at a dead end, his professional perspectives aren’t bright, and his love interests are not interested in him. But it does not matter. Lupo keeps enjoying his life and making the best out of everything with cunning wit and plenty of happiness.

Directed by Michele Picchi, Diary of a Well-to-do Maniac is a remarkable new comedy from Italy. One of the official selection in different film festivals across the globe, including the Hong   Kong   Salento   International   Film   Festival and Taormina Film Festival, this movie uses an innovative style of personal dialogue spoken as voice-over blended with acted scenes. Consistently, the protagonist reflects on his actions in a funny and entertaining way.

Diary of a Well-to-do Maniac stars Giorgio Pasotti as the lead character, and he is a man whose talents go beyond the screen. He was European and World champion of the martial art known as wushu! Pasotti offers a gripping, witty performance in Diary, showing why in 2005 he was nominated for a David di Donatello Award for Best Actor.

The film is an independent Italian production, one that will have viewers laughing with a man whose lack of artistic talent is the attraction to every woman he meets!


Lupo (Giorgio Pasotti), a desperate artist in his forties, has never achieved anything, starting from women. Dragged from his delusions and his eternal questions about the world, in his own way he labels women in categories to make his approaches easier.

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