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Double Trouble - Jakub Sommer - Czech Republic



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Double Trouble (Trojí zivot, 2018)
Czech Republic

Cast: Jan Plouhar, Hana Vagnerová, Veronika Kubarová
Director: Jakub Sommer
Genre: Comedy
Length: 81’


Marek lives a perfect life: a steady job, the prospect of a significant promotion, and the joys and pleasures of two girlfriends. One night, when he sleeps the night in the wrong house, all his dreams start to crumble. Eurochannel premieres Double Trouble, a Czech comedy about love and relationships.

Double Trouble is a present-day situation comedy whose central hero is a young man who lives alternately with two women. He tells to both that he works in another city for part of the week to hide his secret affair - in reality stays in Prague and simply moves from apartment to apartment. It all works perfectly until a fateful morning he wakes up in the wrong flat after a wild party. When discovered, his two girlfriends team up to turn his life into a living hell.

With trademark features of the traditional rom-com, Double Trouble deals with one of the most common subjects of the genre: bigamy. As the protagonist’s adventures advance, all his cheeky attempts to maintain two relationships come to an end, only to finally learn a lesson and find redemption in an unexpected way. Beset with hilarious jokes and witty dialogues, this film proves to be a solid comedy for all ages and cultures!

Eurochannel invites you to meet a mischievous character who thinks he will get away with big-time cheating. His lesson will not only be hard to learn, but difficult to not laugh at!


Marek lives alternately with two women. He tells them both that he works in another city for part of the week. In reality, he stays in the same and moves from apartment to apartment. This works perfectly until one morning he wakes up in the wrong flat.

Airing times

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