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Three Popular Russian TV Series to Watch

Einstein: The Theory of Love (Eynshteyn. Teoriya lyubvi, 2013)

Director: Elena Nikolayeva 
Cast: Olga Budina, Dmitriy Pevtsov, Aleksandr Baluev
Genre: Drama, romance


Scientists tend to rationalize everything, whether it’s the existence of God or humans’ deepest feelings. But scientists, too, are capable of passion. Eurochannel presents Einstein: The Theory of Love, a new four-episode event mini-series in which science meets love in a poignant history based on real events.

He is perhaps the most influential scientist of modern history, with breakthroughs like the theory of relativity, which led to the invention of the atomic bomb. But Albert Einstein also had great loves, and discovered that brilliance is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Directed by Elena Nikolayeva, this four-episode series reveals a controversial and still questioned story of Einstein’s secret romance, a fateful, passionate affair with Margarita Konenkova, the wife of a famous Soviet sculptor. Set in the United States but spoken in Russian, Einstein: The Theory of Love is enriched by some of Russia’s movie stars such as Olga Budina, Dmitriy Pevtsov, and Aleksandr Baluev, who have collected European Film Awards, Golden Eagle Awards and Nika Awards for their acting.

By revealing the romance of this Russian Mata Hari, entrusted by the Soviet secret services with obtaining intelligence on the development of the American atom bomb, this series offers Russia’s version of a scandalous affair that made it into the headlines back in the 1940s and 1950s. However, the poignant romance was doomed; Margarita and Einstein parted ways forever in 1944.

Enjoy a historical and revealing four-episode event with Russia’s greatest talents to discover Einstein’s private life. Are the laws of physics subject to love? Or, on the contrary, are all world-famous scientific discoveries entwined with deep romantic feelings?


A melodrama about the controversial and questioned love affair between scientist Albert Einstein (Dmitriy Pevtsov) and Margarita Konenkova (Olga Budina), believed to be a secret Russian agent. Margarita was commissioned to discover for Russian authorities the secrets of Einstein’s theories and details of the American nuclear project, through seduction.

Episode 2

Albert (Dmitriy Pevtsov) and Marguerita (Olga Budina) start to have a closer relationship. Albert is ready to plunge into the flame of love, but is restrained, afraid to hurt his wife Elsa (Marianna Shults). The relationship between the families seems quite friendly. Konenkov (Aleksandr Baluev) accepts Einstein's invitation to visit him. He has, as usual, a lot to drink, listening to the conversations in English that he does not understand. During a walk in the park, Margarita suddenly "remembers" that she forgot something in the car. She apologizes and goes, not to the car but into Einstein's office to take pictures of the scientist’s papers, calculations and drawings.

Episode 3

Margarita (Olga Budina) continues to spy on Einstein (Dmitriy Pevtsov), taking advantage of his love for her. She delivers to the Soviet agents plenty of material on Einstein’s nuclear development. In New York, there is a new arranged exhibition of Sergey Konenkov. For Margarita it is an opportunity to continue her tasks for the Soviet intelligence, for the sake of peace and the power of her country. During the next meeting with a Soviet agent, Margarita hands over the key to Einstein’s office safe, which holds extensive radioactivity research.

Episode 4

The relationship between Sergey Konenkov (Aleksandr Baluev) and Margarita (Olga Budina) deteriorates. Sergey drinks too much and does not work properly. Now Margarita talks to Einstein (Dmitriy Pevtsov) only out of personal affection. On Christmas Eve, she goes shopping with Albert. Margarita reveals to Albert her mission for the Russian secret service.

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