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Five Things to do and see in Tuscany

Five Things to do and see in Tuscany

With a unique landscape and exquisite cuisine, Tuscany is constantly crowded with millions of tourists. Few are truly prepared for such an adventure and get lost in the excitement of a new place. In Tuscany there are plenty of things to see, but we have selected five that you absolutely cannot miss.


The Tower of Pisa

The one and only Italian trademark, the Tower of Pisa, was built in 1173. Due to the poor quality of the soil under the ground and even poorer layer foundations, this particular attraction leans at an angle between about four and five degrees, depending on the stage of restoration.

With a height of 55.8 meters, the tower serves as the belfry to Pisa’s Cathedral. Despite briefly closing in 1990, the tower was re-opened in 2001.

Vie Cave

The Vie Cave is a must-see destination nestled well off the beaten path. Built by the ancient Etruscans, this network of cavernous roads is one of the most incredible landscapes in the entire region. 

Nobody really knows how Etruscans managed to cut these passages through stone, or what their actual function was; however, the most recognized hypothesis is that they were either water channels or sacred roads connecting burial grounds and other holy places.


Vie Cave


Pinocchio’s Park

Perfect for the kids, Pinocchio’s park honors the legacy of Tuscan writer Carlo Collodi, author of the children’s classic Pinocchio.

Visitors will enjoy activities such as sculpting, literary classes, puppet making workshops, and more.


A medieval experience

Sienna is an ancient city full of medieval architecture. When visiting this treasured monument to Italian history, be sure to leave enough time to explore the narrow maze of streets and alleyways at the Piazza del Campo.


A special cruise through the  archipelago

Not only famous for its artistic heritage but also for its gorgeous views, the coast of Tuscany is among Italy’s best. A hidden gem in this paradise is the Tuscan archipelago, known by very few people and considered heaven for divers and mariners.

Daily cruises visit the archipelago from Castiglione della Pescaia and Porto Santo Stefano and take people to the main islands, including the Isle of Giglio, the Isle of Giannutri (a limited-access nature park with a fabulous archaeological site), the Isle of Elba, Capraia, Montecristo and Pianosa.

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