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Foursome - Claude d'Anna - France

Foursome (France, 2008) by Eurochannel


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Revenge Is Best Served in Movies
Three European Movies About Revenge

Foursome (Etat de Manque, 2008)

Director: Claude d'Anna   
Cast: Eva Mazauric, Anne Charrier, Samira Lachhab, Bruno Salomone
Genre: Comedy


Their lives have been anything but happy, but vengeance keeps them going . . . now they are closer than they know. Eurochannel invites you to meet three women seeking revenge after suffering because of the same man in Foursome!

Directed by Claude d'Anna, Foursome tells the story of Elsa, Safia, and Amandine. They all work in the same insurance company and have gone through delusion and depression. Together, they join a retirement therapy group for different purposes ― one hopes to stop drinking; another wants to stop smoking at all costs; and the third intends to go on a diet. Little by little, they discover that their misfortunes come from the same man . . . and they join forces to make a diabolical plan for revenge!

With jaw-dropping performances by Eva Mazauric, Anne Charrier, and Samira Lachhab, Foursome proposes an engaging story that focuses on the difficulty of evolving professionally in a male chauvinist world. Because of its premise and quality, the movie was a major success in France upon release to television, recording 3,7 million viewers and 14,9% of market share.

Come join three women as they plan a wickedly diabolical response to the suffering they have endured because of one man.    


Elsa (Anne Charrier), Safia (Samira Lachhab) and Amandine (Eva Mazauric) work for an insurance company. One day, they decide to go for a break to a sea spa hotel, where they come to the realization all their problems actually stem from one man. That man who is making a fool of them works in the same company. Now it’s time for revenge!

Airing times

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