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Fritkot - Manuel Poutte - Belgium



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Fritkot (Fritkot, 2010)

Director: Manuel Poutte


Fish and chips are a worldwide known and popular dish from England… but what if we told you that Belgium has its own chips tradition? It is actually claimed that chips, or fried potatoes, originated in Belgium, and so, many kiosks established around its main cities since the 1950s to sell fried food... or "fritures". Welcome to meet one of the last standing women in the passionate world of fried kiosks in Frikot.

Frikot is a documentary directed by the renowned Belgian filmmaker Manuel Poutte and reveals life in and around a "fritures" kiosk, a kind of shop in danger of extinction. By accompanying Valerie, the kiosk-keeper, Poutte portrays a warm side of Belgian society, which puts aside nationalities and social and educational differences around a plate of fries and the kindly maternal conversation of Valerie.

The documentary also shades light on the problem that "fritures" kiosks face in recent years as Belgian authorities, EU hygiene regulations and the municipal city, are targeting them. But despite of being considered an eyesore, Valerie valiantly resists closure, and continues to sell packs of golden fries.

Eurochannel welcomes you to an impromptu meeting place, from morning till night, as the "fritkot" warms lonely hearts, fuels late night partiers, restores athletes after a big efforts, and feeds homeless people.  


A portrait of life at a Brussels "fritkot", a typically Belgian kiosk that sells fries (chips), traditionally runs by a warm-hearted woman: Valerie, the "frituriste". Through her and her costumers, the Belgian tradition of fries shops is depicted as well as the struggle they face nowadays because of regulations.

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