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Go with Le Flo - Michael Glover - Germany/ United States

Go with Le Flo (Germany, United States, 2014) by Eurochannel



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Interview with Michael Glover (Director) and Robyn Rosenkrantz (Producer)

Go with Le Flo (Go with Le Flo, 2014)
Germany, United States

Director: Michael Glover   
Cast: Denis Aubert, Marina Senckel, Leslie Dubreuil
Genre: Comedy


Florian is a unique man. He is living a successful and stable life . . . but there is just one thing missing: true love. Always longing for the perfect romance, he manages to fail over and over again in the most quirky ways possible . . . but maybe his time has come. Eurochannel presents Go with Le Flo, an art house comedy that proves love can be found around every corner!

Directed by Michael Glover, Go with Le Flo tells the story of a shop owner in Berlin. He sells French food and a special salami everybody is in love with. There have been ups and downs on his road, but his life seems to be finally resolved as he prepares to propose to Camille, the woman in his life. Florian loves her, but he is still oblivious to the fact that Camille is engaged to another man and has been dating him out of revenge.

What unfolds in a Molière-like plot is the discovery of what men can do in their fight for love, and how blind we are when we’re enamored. The chain of events developed by Florian’s attempts to marry Camille ends in an unexpected result in which he will learn the true meaning of love.

Go with Le Flo is the brainchild of a pair of American artists who have been living in Europe on and off for the last two decades. After leaving their traditional jobs in Los Angeles, director and screenwriter Michael Glover and his wife embarked on a journey that has seen them produce more than five films and perform roughly 3,000 live shows with their band.

Eurochannel invites you to discover the love adventures of a Franco-German dreamer whose decision to propose to the wrong woman leads him to find true love!


Delicatessen owner Florian (Denis Aubert) and Camille (Leslie Dubreuil) fall in love. Florian plans to propose marriage, but he doesn't realize that Camille is engaged to a famous actor or that his best friend, Jenny, is in love with him.

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