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Hit and Run (Répercussions, 2008)

Director: Caroline Huppert
Cast: Bruno Slagmulder, Sarah Grappin, Eric Savin
Genre: Crime, drama


When a woman dies in a hit and run accident, chaos and fear overcome a prominent politician and his family. In the middle of an extensive police and journalistic investigation, his façade and lies will start collapsing like dominoes, one after another. Eurochannel premieres the thought-provoking crime drama, Hit and Run.

On a rainy night, Karine Blanchard is hit by a speeding car and left to die alone. Her demise strikes local politics as she worked as a personal assistant for Patrick Dalbray, the city’s mayor. As the police investigation develops ― led by a childhood friend of Dalbray’s ― an investigative journalist carries out her own enquiries. Soon, secret affairs are revealed and the conspiracy around Karine’s demise casts doubt on whether this was an accident or an assassination.

Directed by Caroline Huppert, Hit and Run digs into the psychological aspects of a crime investigation. As a journalist, a friend of the murdered woman, attempts to find the truth behind the accident, she stumbles upon a series of shocking discoveries. Forbidden romances, blackmail, and sexual provocation drive this gripping plot until the last scene!

Eurochannel invites you to plunge into the investigation of a tragic murder. Come discover the real motives behind a woman’s death.


One rainy night, a woman is killed in a hit and run accident. Her sudden death will forever change the life of the city’s mayor as an investigative journalist makes it a personal affair and decides to conduct her own investigation. Accident or murder? That’s the only question she wants answered.

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