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Hunting Flies (Fluefangeren, 2016)

Director: Izer Aliu   
Cast: Burhan Amiti, Miraxh Ameti, Hadis Aliov
Genre: Comedy


First day of school . . . after breaking their teacher’s phone, a class is about to face a demanding series of tests that will change their view of life. Will the pupils be up to the challenge? Learn the answer in the thought-provoking Norwegian drama, Hunting Flies.

Hunting Flies is the debut feature of Macedonian-born director Izer Aliu. Set in a classroom, over the course of one intense day, viewers get to know Ghani, an idealistic teacher who loses his job on the first day of school. He makes one final attempt to get it back by locking his students inside the classroom and forcing them to resolve a generation-long conflict between their villages.

Although Izer Aliu developed his filmmaking career in Norway, this movie is very close to his Albanian and Macedonian roots. In Hunting Flies, he balances principles against necessity and the long-lasting political conflicts in Albania, which have even affected life in school for many children. Satirizing the society of his homeland, Aliu invites us to reflect on how long would our beliefs of any kind stand intact when we are forced to choose between them and our livelihood.

Eurochannel invites you to discover an engaging production that reminds us that the sins of the fathers are not simply visited on the sons, but are often repeated by them.


Ghani (Burhan Amiti) is a veteran teacher begging his school's new principal to keep him on staff.  A recent change in government means that he no longer has a job, but Ghani thinks he can keep his position by solving the ethnic rivalry of the county in the classroom. As hours wear on and his fate continues to hang in the balance, Ghani comes to realize that seeking harmony may not be the best career move for him.

Airing times

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