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Ingrid & Lola – Road to Manta Corridor (France, 2014) by Eurochannel



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Interview with Anne Le Nen

The Mastermind Behind Lola & Ingrid
A Biography of Dominique Sylvain

Ingrid & Lola – Road to Manta Corridor (Passage du désir, le secret de Manta Corridor, 2014)

Director: Jérôme Foulon
Cast: Muriel Robin, Anne Le Nen, Pascal Ternisien
Genre: Drama, thriller, comedy


An unlikely couple reunites! Lola, a retired police detective and Ingrid, a masseuse and part-time stripper get back together to solve the disappearance of the most famous shampooer of the traditional Passage du désir in Paris. Eurochannel premieres Ingrid & Lola – Road to Manta Corridor.

A new drama troubles the serene atmosphere of a Parisian neighborhood. Louis Manta, the star shampooer at the Salon des Fééries, is nowhere to be found. Now Lola Jost and Ingrid Diesel, neighbors and friends, are on the move to solve this intriguing case. After many questions, the pair pull a thread that will lead them to Indonesia, a hidden treasure and the greed of a neo-Nazi brotherhood.

With new challenges since their last adventure, Lola and Ingrid face a new kind of enemy. As they track the missing shampooer to a diving paradise, where assassinations might be linked to their case, this quirky duo embark upon a suspenseful yet entertaining escapade.

Directed by Jérôme Foulon, Ingrid & Lola – Road to Manta Corridor is based on the novel of the same name by award-winning author Dominique Sylvain, also part of the series of the two larger-than-life characters, Lola Jost and Ingrid Diesel.

Come travel alongside two private investigators to unveil the shocking truth behind Louis Manta’s disappearance and the murders around this secret.


In Paris, Louis Manta, the shampoo specialist of a hair salon is missing. His bosscalls Lola Jost (Muriel Robin) and Ingrid Diesel (Anne Le Nen) to the rescue. The investigators travel through the Parisian underworld and towards the South Seas and the dangerous reefs of Manta Corridor.

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