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Ingrid & Lola – United Against Crime (Passage du Désir, 2012)

Director: Jérôme Foulon
Cast: Muriel Robin, Fatou N'Diaye, Christian Hecq
Genre: Drama


Two dissimilar neighbors unite against crime. One is a detective who took early retirement whose abilities go beyond those of Sherlock Holmes. The other is a masseuse and stripper with a penchant for adventure. Together, they will follow the trail of a serial killer. Eurochannel premieres Ingrid & Lola – United Against Crime.

It all starts when a woman is found dead in her bedroom. Her friends come upon a bloody scene; in addition to the initial shock, they discover that her feet have been mutilated! Now an investigation begins to solve a tangled crime that involves bank robberies, Japanese manga, infidelities and plenty of suspects.

The heroes in the movie are not the cops but two independent investigators, the retired detective Lola, and the energetic masseuse Ingrid. The former is disappointed by the lack of common sense of her former colleagues in the force; the latter is driven by the idea of solving her friend’s murder.

This movie is an adaptation of Dominique Sylvain's novel, for which she received the Grand Prix of the readers of Elle magazine in 2005. Thus, it is only logical that Ingrid & Lola – United Against Crime evokes detective classics like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot and Jules Maigret.

Ingrid & Lola – United Against Crime surprises with its mid-comic, half-film noir atmosphere, with a nod to the classic American crime movies, and an unpredictable plot. Enriching the story is the film heroine, personified by Muriel Robin, winner of an International Emmy Award for Best Actress in 2007. Also, the mastermind behind this production is award-winning director Jérôme Foulon. In 1992, he took home the Cannes Junior Award for Les Enfants du naufrageur at Cannes, the Innovation Prize at the Festival international du film de La Rochelle, and many more.

Eurochannel invites you to discover the truth behind the most horrific murder in the famous Paris’ Passage du Désir, a place where desire, passion and life come together in a stirring puzzle!


Lola Jost (Muriel Robin), former detective in early retirement, and Ingrid Diesel (Fatou N'Diaye), masseuse during the day, stripper at night, are neighbors. Nothing unites them except a sordid crime committed in their neighborhood. To find the culprit, this improbable tandem investigates the strange world of an obsessive killer.

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