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Interview - Toni Bertorelli
Toni Bertorelli

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Interview with Toni Bertorelli (Elector)

What can you tell us about the story of The Prince of Homburg?

The Prince was a war hero, driven by the heat of battle, he attacked the enemy before receiving orders from the King who admires him as a son. Without knowing who began the attack without the order, the King sentences him to death for high treason. When he discovers that the offender is the Prince, he can only confirm the sentence, ignoring all attempts made by his friends to save him.

Do you think your character Elector would make the same choices if he lived today?

Even today it is extremely shameful to break a promise.

Can you describe your experience working with everyone involved in the film?

The director Marco Bellocchio delivers all the tragedy in his favorite field: the dream. Everything is seen as a dream, highlighted by the magnificent aura around Giuseppe Lanci. Barbora Bobulova and Andrea Di Stefano, Fabio Camilli and all the cast is extraordinary.

You acted in Mel Gibson's controversial movie The Passion of the Christ, how was the shoot?

I suffered very much in this film that could be defined as a passion film, but on set everything was fine, and Mel Gibson is a nice guy.

Did you keep contact with Mel Gibson? What do you think of his recent outbursts?

I keep in touch with Mel and despite all the hostilities, he keeps on working.

Do you have any projects in America or in Italy?

I'm waiting to begin filming a movie with Kevin Costner that is directed by Kevin Reynolds. In Italy I'll be working on a film produced by the production company Fandango.

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