Interview with Ana Caterina Morariu


Interview with Ana Caterina Morariu (Actress)

How did you get to participate in the project?
I have been called for a screen test, I read the script and found it interesting mostly for Lino Banfis’s presence and for the director that I already appreciated for his work.

How did you prepare for this role?
Nothing special, just memory and hard work.

How was the experience of working with a loved figure like Lino Banfi?
Amazing! Like real stars, Lino is a special person; fun, generous, friendly and extremely professional.

You have been part in other action cop productions in Italy, what is different in The Salento Murders?
Yes but it was different, I have been a police woman in other productions (Squadra Antimafia, Intelligence, etc.) but these were active characters, with shootings, chases, stunts and violent situations. This one was a comedy involving police presence.

Why viewers around the world should not miss this series?
Because it’s light, positive, well directed and full of ironic moments.

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