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Interview with Anne Le Nen



Interview with Anne Le Nen


How did you get to participate in the project? What did attract you to it?
I owe my presence to the scriptwriter Jackye Fryszman, who had seen Antigone 34, a police series in which I had the leading role. She wanted have Muriel Robin and me on the screen and had written a script made for us. Unfortunately, France 2 did not accept it. Therefore, Jackye wrote another story with both of us, Ingrid & Lola - Road to Manta Corridor. That was a surprise for us, a nice surprise!

How did you prepare for the role of Ingrid?
I guess you are talking about the physical aspect of the role. I only took 7 hours of Pole Dance class with Doris Arnold, the French champion. I installed a pole dance bar at home and repeated the choreography, alone, in the evening, after long days of shooting. It is very painful, even for basic positions. Since I like physical challenges, I was not discouraged. When I asked Doris if we could talk about the pain, she answered me with a large smile: “No, we don’t talk about it because it’s not sexy…”

What are the main differences between your Ingrid and the one in the previous film?
This is a tricky question. We played the same character. I think the difference lies in our way of embodying Ingrid, obviously linked to the women we are. I think there could be as many Ingrids as the number of actors playing her.

How was the experience of working with Muriel Robin, being also the person you share your life with?
It is a pleasure and an honor for me to perform with her. However, there was a little pressure since I wanted to do my utmost. Muriel is a great professional. On set, we were two actors. That was a very enriching experience.

If there were opportunities or other Dominique Sylvain adaptations, would you like to keep your role of Ingrid?
Absolutely! Ingrid has multiple sides and you cannot get bored while playing a girl with such a rich personality and positive. A series would be wonderful but we should let Dominique Sylvain know!

How important do you consider this film to be broadcast in other regions like South America?
It is such a pride for the whole team and for our director, Jérôme Foulon, to be broadcast in other regions of the world. It is wonderful to imagine our characters traveling, speaking different languages and seduce another public.

What is your best memory from the filming days of Ingrid & Lola – Road to Manta Corridor?
I would say that my best memory is the intense confrontation between Abel Leonard and Ingrid, in her dressing room, after her show. I loved doing this scene. Otherwise, we had amazing giggles with Muriel. Luckily, it was a wide shot. We laughed to tears like two kids!

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