Interview with Claus Riis Østergaard



Interview with Claus Riis Østergaard (Actor)

How did you get involved in The Secret?
I was contacted by producer Morten Kaufmann, whom I had worked with on Angels in Fast Motion, so, for me, there was no doubt that I wanted to do The Secret.

What did attract you of this story?
The story was so different because of the seriousness of the topic. It digs down into loneliness, hope, loss and youth . . . that attracted me.

How would you describe your character and its importance on the film's plot?
I think my character is the outside world that wants to come in . . . but doesn’t understand . . . and doesn’t want to. He is the necessary connection . . . the decision you have to make. Do you want him in your life or not?

What did you find more challenging while filming The Secret?
It can be challenging filming with children/youngsters, but these guys were amazing! Keeping up with their energy was a challenge. Seriously, it was a pleasure.

You have performed on TV and movies; which do you prefer the most and why?
Sometimes on TV, you are under a lot of pressure “time wise” which can make the process tough and not very satisfying. The scenes are all over the place and you are filming in a crazy order. But I would still say that I love working that way if the preliminary rehearsals have been thorough and intense.

Are you working on any filming projects at the moment? Can you tell our viewers about them?
I am working on Norskov. It is a TV series on TV2 in Denmark. I star as the mayor in a midsize town in the north of Denmark where things get really tangled up when an old friend returns as a policeman in the town. We are just filming the last episodes of the second season these days.

It is definitely one to watch. Next up for me is playing Macbeth on the theatre in Odense . . . pretty intense.

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