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Interview with Corinne Touzet



Interview with Corinne Touzet (Protagonist)

How did you get involved in the project?
I had worked on this project one year ago as a producer, with author Florence Duhamel and Jean Michel Tort, looking for a visibility on an historical channel. It was originally a two-part drama, and when France 3 called me to say “ok” we take it but in one part, I first thought it was impossible - too much work for one month! Then, after discussing a lot with my writers we decided to try. We worked so much and took some help of an outside writer with an exterior vision. He helped us to be concise, but it was painful indeed. Finally, we achieved and we're very happy with the result.

How did you prepare for the character?
I knew her by heart for a long time as we were working together with the authors; she was close to me. I did not have to prepare, except for the cold! We filmed in Haute Savoie for some scenes; we were very high in the mountain. Over eight days, we endured temperatures of -18°C, especially in the wood factory it was hardly impossible to speak properly.

How would you describe Marylou and her hardships during this trip to her hometown?
We have all lived this kind of anguish, going back to our childhood, our past. Life has goes on and we have changed but our parents did not really pay attention. There is always even a fear, an anguish, something uncomfortable inside...

What did you find most challenging when filming the movie?
All the scenes in snow, especially with the dogs ― it was impressive! But what I like most in this film is the way the director, P. Volson, guided us, very much like theater. There is a tension I really like, all the scenes with my mother and my sister ― Anne Benoit, who I love. She is a friend since this movie. We had never worked together but I was fond of her work on stage too. We were doing theatre and we were like a "troupe", because of the cold we had a lot of time together. One day when we woke up, opening the curtains, we discovered there were three feet of snow outside and it was impossible for us to go to the set. We had to wait for the trucks to clean the road. Everything was dark outside like in the movie The Shining, with Jack Nicholson, very tense and impressive.

Why Eurochannel's viewers should not miss this movie?
Because it is very good work!

You have acted on television, cinema and theatre; which one is your favorite and why?
I have been working on stage for ten years and I am addicted to it. I would not be able to stop. All these huge theatre houses full of memories are magical to me. The work is intense and, most of all, I love to hear the public sound when I am behind the curtains. I love to feel them when I act. It is always different everywhere we go. I have been on the roads of France, Switzerland and Belgium for the last three years now and this has been my public for so long that there is a very beautiful relationship with them that we share.

Are you working on any projects at the moment? Can you tell us about them?
I am actually releasing my last play for 2017 at the Avignon Festival. It is called Voyage en   Censeur, directed by Anne Bourgeois. I am producing this play with Theatre Actuel. It is a very clever and funny play. The two characters, a black man and a "very" white lady, are going to be stuck in an elevator for a whole weekend and will be obliged to stand it, to share intimacy, despair, fear and dance! Yes, we are going to dance in an elevator!

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