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Interview with Jennipher Rodríguez




Interview with Jennipher Rodríguez (Actress)

How did you get involved in this project?
To participate in a particular project, and become one of the protagonists of an author's film in Italy, not only does one need to be in the right moment to present the casting. Also, to have the proper preparation and a skills to portray a specific character.

My modeling career (which started in my home country, Venezuela), was a great help to develop my acting preparation. After being a model, I began to feel interest in acting. Such interest was developed with great intensity after studyingacting in Milan and later in the academy of cinematographic performance (Cineway) while continuing with my work as a showgirl for the Italian television.

How does a Venezuelan actress get to participate in one of the most representative comedies of Italian cinema in 2014?
I am Venezuelan, but I feel like a citizen of the world thanks to my modeling profession, which allowed me to travel around the world. Having said that, I grew up in a country where during my school days I was able to share with people from different countries, including Italy.

To participate in a comedy - representative of Italian cinema - is not enough just to identify with the country’s culture, it is necessary to "compete" in a very strict market where quality is the hallmark of presentation and guarantee.

How did you start in the artistic world in Italy?
Very simple and complex at the same time. I was born in a family of doctors and musicians. My parents wanted me to study medicine and perhaps my rebellious spirit in my adolescence took center stage, making me a very independent girl without letting anyone decide for me. It was then when I took refuge in music, attending the conservatory and studying daily for at least four hours.

I did not want to study medicine because it would have prevented me to continue my music studies. So I decided to study psychology, which I did not even finished. I did not want to study anything else and my attitude began to worsen when my only escape route was "release" my energies at rock concerts.

My parents enrolled me in a modeling school. From that moment, I could say that my life and way of seeing it changed! It also begun my adventure in the fashion and modeling world. After participating for Miss Venezuela, chosen by the very president of the event in that same school, I decided to study something easy to be able to maintain my modeling career. I started studying advertising and marketing at night.

After participating in one of the most important events in the country, like Miss Venezuela, I started my modeling career internationally, reaching the main fashion cities such as Paris, New York, London and Milan. In Milan, I was able to work with big firms, becoming Italy the country I stayed the most. I spent several years there in the television industry andunderstood that I was not interested in exposing myself as a person, but wanted to play characters. I began to learn about theater and film acting schools, the latter being the most sublime way for me to "release" my energy.

Your character is very sensual, how does an actress prepare for scenes involving nudity?
I play Morgana, a determined but very vulnerable woman. Resolute in his actions but at the same time fragile. She has the complex personality of a woman instinctive and determined to achieve its goals, which without thinking at the beginning, spontaneously uses its feminine nature to satisfy its present moment in a ruthless world in which she herself cannot hide her sensitivity.

Having said that, for an actress, performing nude scenes, in a character like Morgana, would be part of her transgressive personality. Personally, it was not complicated since preparing scenes involving nudity is not something far from my experience in my modeling career. I have learned to know my body - I have always been very sensual and seductive when working for lingerie or swimwear catalogues, calendars, or for example, the cover of the first edition of Playboy Venezuela.

I think that the relationship we have with our body is fundamental for performing scenes involving nudity - with the advantage that when interpreting something other than the person himself, it is easier, because in our mind, our attitude is the reflection of another personality.

What message does this comedy put across?
In this film, it is easy to perceive that there is a message reflection, because some characteristics of the human being stand out in the form of behaviors common of our society. The film makes peopleunderstand that in times of difficulty, people might be sadly deprived of their values and inner goodness.

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
I am an Italian author's book that will beadapted for a series projected to begin its production in middle or end of 2018. At the same time, I have decided to go back to the American market a little, including our universal language, English. I think that an actress, especially because of the need for communication, should also be prepared in that aspect.

I would like to conclude by saying that in our journey of life we cannot give up or forget our roots, regardless of the work we do and where we are. It is a duty as a citizen to have the responsibility to do good to humanity with respect for ourselves and to contribute to the evolution and growth of our soul. On a planet like ours, we need more love and to preserve our dignity, above all things.

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