Interview with Jeremie Duvall



Interview with Jeremie Duvall (Protagonist)

How did you get to participate on this film?
I was 14-years-old so I sent e-mails and motivation letters to casting directors and artistic agencies. As often nobody answered me, that time a production assistant I had met 6 months earlier called me. She had talked about me to director Robin Davis. The young actor who was supposed to play "Jean" in the movie, injured himself at the mountains during vacations. It was an express casting and when I met Robin, it was a professional lightning strike.
Back then, at such young age, what did motivate you to get into the set?
I had been taking theater classes since I was eight. Playing characters is my passion. Travelling in time, into universes, that's cinema’s incredible opportunity.
How was your experience as being the only kid in the production and the protagonist?
Do you remember the moment when Harry Potter discovers the magic world? It was the same thing! I asked questions to all of the crew members and they showed me all about their jobs. A Wonderland! Being the main character for my first experience on a set was a gift under pressure but Robin Davis was very nice and he gave me all the keys to begin in this job. And even after the shooting he has continued to guide me.
How do you think your acting has evolved since this movie?
I hope it has! Everybody evolves when growing up. You have to update yourself on the set too. Either you win or you learn. And in this business you don't always win! It's necessary to listen to your emotions. Being an actor is also a perpetual challenge!
You have also ventured in directing in recent years, how would you describe that transition?
It's not a transition, it’s complementary. I filmed my friends since I had a camera in my hands! I love being a part of a story but I love creating my own too. Doing both helps me on a set.

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