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Interview with Jérôme Robart


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Interview with Jérôme Robart (Actor)

How did you get into the series?
Thanks to the director Jean-Laurent Chautems. We met while working on Alain Taner's Jonas and Lilas, à demain. He was working on the stage management and I as an actor.  For both of us it was one of our first movie experiences. He then got into production and thought of me ten years later. I liked the project, then read the script and liked the story as well as the character.

In real life, do you play poker?
From time to time but not really on a regular basis.

In poker, do you consider yourself as talented as your character?
Not for poker and neither for other swindles. I do have other gifts though.

What did you find most difficult while acting on this series?
We had three weeks of constant work day and night, which sometimes made the shooting difficult. But I am happy with the experience and prefer by far difficult shootings under pressure that you can be proud of after 20 years, than easy ones you could end up being ashamed of.

Did you follow a special preparation for the character of Vincent?
Yes. I watched and re-watched several movies dealing with gambling games; movies like  Georges Hill's The Sting, Otto Preminger's The Man With The Golden Arm,  Norman Jewison's The Cincinnati Kid, Stephan Frears' The Grifters, and some others. Then I received some good advice before the shooting to learn how to manipulate the cards and worked on putting them into practice.

You've acted on TV, cinema and theatre, which one do you prefer and why?
The three of them have their advantages and good sides but it is mostly the persons in charge and the story that they are telling that makes all the difference.

However cinema seems to be more artistic than television, we have more time but sometimes too much, and television can be very sportive and require a very intense preparation to counter balance this lack of time.  Theatre is magical, like a breeze of the gods - I miss it now. It has been seven years without being on stage. It is a very long time and I gradually want to go back to it.

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