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Interview with Jiřina Bohdalová



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Interview with Jiřina Bohdalová (Actress)

What were your feelings when you first read the script of the series?
I'm always happy when I read a witty script and when I find a nice role for myself. The feeling of the first reading was favorable because the role of the protagonist’s grandmother is rich, not only in terms of the plot and tension, but also in costumes.

What attracted you about the role of retired lawyer Kveta?
My character, a retired lawyer, is very enthusiastic. She works primarily out of love for her grandson. I like the costumes and the grandchildren love it, so I approached this work, and was indeed enthused. I enjoyed the contact with the young hero, my grandson in the series. It was just a nice inspirational work and a team of great actors. In addition, the series is very colorful and each episode is quite different. There is no boredom!

Which disguises from Kveta have you enjoyed the most?
In the most talked-about episode, I play a homeless woman. There I could be unrecognizable and I loved it!

How was your relation with the series co-star, Vaclav Jilek?
I cannot complain. I was on the casting team and I chose a completely unknown young actor. Of course, we consulted with the director. But I chose well. Vasek is a perceptive, smart kid, and moreover, he is very humble. We keep in contact regularly.

Why would viewers never want to miss Kveta Mysteries?
Entertainment is scarce, and quality even less common. I hope that quality entertainment meets fun in this detective series and that viewers will enjoy every episode. I think they will be as satisfied as the creators.

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