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Interview with Julie Brochorst Andersen




Interview with Julie Brochorst Andersen (Lead Actress)

How did you prepare for the role?
I wrote a lot about Laura as a character . . . tried to describe her family relationships, her childhood and how would she react in different situations. I made a video diary where I was acting as her, but only for myself ― not something anyone else should see. Also, Kaspar Munk (the director) and I had a lot of long conversations about her and together we came up with how she should be. Some of the character is, in some way, based on me as private person, so we really had to find a way to create and show Laura and not Julie, even though a lot was taken from my own real life.
Your character has a very explicit scene; how does an actress as young as you prepare for such scene?
Kaspar is so talented; he makes you feel safe. So actually it wasn’t the sex scenes I worried the most about. Of course, we talked them through many times before we shot them. We talked a lot about my limits and what I wanted, but we also talked very technical; when the camera is there, how does it look when the movie is finished, etc. It helped me a lot to relax with it.
How would you describe your character's view on friendship?
Laura is a very loyal girl that you can trust and confide in. But she is also a girl who’s always just 'followed the others'. She and Christine have always been together and did everything together, but suddenly there comes a girl who can be something new and different, and I think, at the time she meets Maria, it might become clear for Laura that she needs her in her life. Suddenly she is drawn and carried away because Maria sees her with a different view, something Laura has never experienced before.
Does this coming-of-age story portray the reality of modern-day Danish teenagers?
I think the film gives a very fine and realistic portrait of what it is like to be young in Denmark. Many of the scenes are inspired by my own, and Emilie Kruse and Frederikke Dahl Hansen's real lives, so in that way I think it reflects quite well the youth of today.
You earned plenty nominations for your acting on the film; did you expect this success?
Not at all! At that time, I had only made one other film before (Hold Me tight) so it was great for me to be nominated. I was so surprised and just so happy and proud of the nominations.
Are you working on any projects at the moment? Can you tell us something about them?
I’ve just took part in two Danish feature films: Where to Have All the Good Men Gone, where I play lead as a young woman, Sofia, who lives in a really tough family with a harassing and humiliating stepfather who beats up her Mum. Sofia and her half-sister run away to look for Sofia's biological father, who turns out to be a war veteran who suffers from PTSD, living completely isolated and they start building a relationship even though that is very complicated. It is a very life-affirming story but also a tough story about the escape from oppression and the search for freedom.

The other feature film is ANTI, where I play a smaller part ― this is a movie about finding your identity as a youngster. Besides, I have made some television series and various short movies. And then I have just completed shooting a feature film, While We Live, which premieres this spring in Denmark, but also in L.A., so it's really exciting!

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