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Interview with Lana Cooper



Interview with Lana Cooper (Protagonist)

How did you get involved in the project?
I already had worked with the director, Sebastian Hilger. I knew him and really like him.

What did attract you of the story in We Are the Tide?
When I first read the script I was touched and didn’t really know why. It was just a feeling and it was strong... I had pictures on my mind and those where powerful, and that’s why I was attracted to it. It was different.

How did you prepare to develop your character?
Max Mauff (the co-star) and I talked to students in the university of physics in Berlin and they showed us what they do. That was pretty interesting because it's all about formulas at the end - The whole universe. However, at the end there is something that numbers can’t reach, it's a different language. Energy has no numbers.

At the beginning, your character seems reluctant to the idea of investigating, but then she changes her mind, how would you describe that motivation?
She was under pressure from her father despite loving her job. I think she wanted to be exactly the opposite, a hippie. That’s where she is at the beginning of the movie. She’s with the children... but then she realized that there is more than that.

What did you find more challenging while filming this movie?
It was really cold, but that wasn’t really a challenge because I live in the north of Germany. It was a great experience.

Are you working on any projects at the moment? Can you tell us about them?
I’ll be filming in South Africa soon for the Amazon series Deutschland 86. I play Petra Kelly, the founder of the party Die Grünen. She was an activist against the apartheid in Africa, so she is very close to me. I’m very leftwing.

I’m also writing a feminist series that might change the view about the way of living in this planet. What is happening right now is very dangerous. In many cases, too many Nazis getting to speak loud… Politicians like Trump, Putin, and Erdogan. It is right there in front of us – hate all over the world. We need to be louder because we were born with love in our hearts, and fear is the biggest enemy of love. Politicians are playing with the fear of the crowd. What's the solution? Hope and love.

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