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Interview with Lauri Nurkse



Return to Second Chance

Interview with Lauri Nurkse (Director)

Why did you decide to work on this series? What was the motivation behind it?
I loved the scripts, and especially the main character (Saara) and her way of resolving problems in a not-so-politically correct way. Her maternal instincts drive her also in her work, when she should be working more diplomatically. Saara gets into trouble in the stories and I really liked it.

I also loved the challenge in bringing humor into the more dramatic storylines.

How was the casting process? Did you have actors in mind when you first starting working on Second Chance?
I have worked with all the leading characters before so we know each other and had a familiar way of working. I knew these actors would defend their characters, although the characters might not work in the most logical way. And also it was important that we, the actors and I, would try to be honest and truthful to the characters so that the audience would find the characters interesting and ambiguous.

In your own words, how would you describe Saara?
Saara’s biggest dream is to become a mother, but her dream comes true in the wrong way. Saara is led by her instincts, and usually these instincts are motherly instincts - and that is not a good thing when you work as a social worker. Saara is very stubborn, but passionate. She reacts first and thinks later. That’s why she gets into trouble all the time. And I love these characteristics about her!

Why did you decide to use flashbacks for the most important moments for the series?
I wanted to play with time; before the flashbacks we see one thing, but after the flashback we see the thing a bit differently. We lie to ourselves and to others because of our memory; we say how we wanted things to go, but what really happened might be something different. And like the flashbacks in the show, there are things we don’t want to share with others, so we act as if they never happened - but the audience can see what happened.

After the separation, is there room for Saara and her husband for reconciliation?
I hope there is, but time will tell… The mistrust between Saara and her husband is obviously huge, because of what Saara has done. But the relationship is otherwise good, there is love between them… They must resolve huge things if they want to have a future together.

How is the second season going? In which stage are the preparations for it?
The preparations for the second season are well underway, and we are working on the scripts. The Finnish audience is hungry to see how the story continues. And the actors are also eager to get back into the complex characters.

What are the challenges you have in mind for Saara in the new season?
In the second season Saara’s dream comes true, once again, but again in the wrong way. In the first season it was all about the pregnancy and Saara’s drive to have a baby. This time Saara is eager to have a family of her own, and she gets one, but it isn’t what she expected it to be. Drama and comedy still follow her.

Return to Second Chance

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