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Interview with Mikko Pöllä


Interview with Mikko Pöllä (Series’ creator)

How did you come up with the idea of this series?
We wanted to write about people who want to start over, who take extreme measures trying to solve huge problems in their lives. Also, we felt that the world needed a show with cool and strong female characters.

How much time did you spend in the creation process?
It was pretty fast, we had promised to pitch new ideas to a broadcaster in Finland. They liked our core idea and it was a lean process to create the characters and storyline after that.

What can viewers expect from Black Widows? Why shouldn't they miss any episode?
People can expect big twists, bold characters and an uplifting, comedic tone in a thriller setting.

What does it mean for you that the series has been so successful internationally and been adapted in other countries?
It means a lot, really - for a writer it is the biggest possible compliment if people outside the original market enjoy what we have done.

Why do you think Nordic and Scandinavian series have gained importance across the world in recent years?
I believe that on the one hand our storytelling is close to American narratives which makes our drama globally understandable. But on the other hand, Nordic drama often has a unique tone that makes it different and interesting.

People speak about the 'Nordic Noir' as a trend already, how do you see the development of this genre?
I think it is branding that has helped Nordic shows travel. Personally, I’ve never felt that my shows are part of that branding.

What is next for the series in the second season?
Big troubles for the widows!

You have also worked on projects like Angry Birds, how do you manage the transition of writing a thriller to writing comedy or for children?
For me, the key is to understand what I'm writing about; why am I telling this story, what does it tell about our world? After that it is easy set the tone for the right audience.

Are you working on any projects at the moment? Can you tell us something about them?
I’ve recently started a new drama development company, Fire Monkey, with my Black Widows co-creator RoopeLehtinen and we are setting up numerous shows in the Nordics and internationally!

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