Interview with Natacha Amal


Interview with Natacha Amal (Protagonist)

How did you get involved in the series?
I was already starring for quite a time in a high-rated series at the time: Commissaire Moulin, and I had heard of a sort of Cagney and Lacey kind of series and found the idea very appealing. It was as serious as Law and Order, one of my favorite series of all time.

What did you find more interesting to decide to take part of it?
I knew right away I would have lots of fun playing a passionate, devoted district-attorney committed to fight for the good but dealing all along with family problems, ex-husband, personal life, love and much more... That was like playing two parts in one, as many people in real life, my character was definitely not the same in private than in her professional life.

How did you prepare for the role of Élisabeth? Did you speak to lawyers?
I definitely spoke to professionals, and even when I wasn't, they were coming to me and contacting me. I also received for years letters of youngsters who were inspired to follow the same career.

What of your personality can be found on Élisabeth?
Like in my own life, I felt the same gap between what you know perfectly, how very professional you can be and what you do not know yet.

You are trained for a job, you may be good at or willing to be and, on a daily basis, life and personal stuff challenge you and even destabilize you. I found that very entertaining but also genuine.

What do you think makes of Conviction stand out from other crime TV series?
Two women swimming into a man's world and helping each other dealing with bad-ass criminals and love-life along with (from time to time) pressure from a "manly" hierarchy.

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