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Interview with Noémie Merlant (Christophe’s Law)


Interview with Noémie Merlant (Actress)

How did you get involved in the project?
My agent gave me the script and I really liked it and liked the character of Katya (mysterious, ambiguous). Then I auditioned and met with director Jacques Malaterre. I was really thrilled to see how he wanted to work on the acting and find sincerity with a good mix of direction and freedom in the character.

Why people should not miss Christophe's Law?
Because it is a good television film, directed by someone with experience in filmmaking and documentary. He brings out the deepest emotions of his characters, as well as truth in acting and scriptwriting. Christophe’s Law is about truth seeking and going back to a more human-centered life. This is what this lawyer does. Richard Anconina is an amazing actor, I feel lucky to participate in the project and act with him. He is young at heart, has a sense of humor, is emotional, sincere, spirited... What a pleasure!  It’s a television film that combines crime, suspense, emotions and environmentalism to a certain extend.

French producers are very keen on television films, why do you think is the reason behind this trend?
I think it’s both faster and cheaper to produce.  And because a movie ticket is expensive, it’s easier to be watching a film on TV. Also, it is a very useful way to tell a story, entertain or convey a message. It makes you travel, experience and discover something new. It’s important to keep making television films to send out messages or entertain, and being savvy in doing what we do best and show to the public.  

Last time we spoke you were rehearsing for a movie but you couldn't mention anything yet. How is that project going?
I am currently preparing for several features. A comedy with Jean Dujardin. Curiosa is directed by Lou Jeunet, starring Niels Schneider. It’s about a 19th century love story and a poet with her poet lover.  She is blossoming through the story.

Jumbo is another film directed by Zoe Wittock starring Emmanuel Bercot. This is the story of a young original woman who is passionate about a merry-go-around.

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