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Interview with Petra van de Voort



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Interview with Petra van de Voort (Actress)


What did you find interesting of your character and the movie?
I guess, it's a matter of not being able to tell the truth at the right moment and what consequences your actions can have when there is a lie standing in the way for too long. Or rather, what is a lie in Marianna's case? In her situation it would have made things so much easier for her, if she would have taken action in the first place. I wanted to explore the fact of having the feeling that you have to protect the facade to every extent. Family is one thing, and the wealth and high positioned life that she leads is another thing. It is a position of power basically and those issues are always interesting to work with. How far are we willing to go to protect ourselves and our wellbeing? She has to deal with complicated matters because of that and I guess that is one of the main reasons why I found her character interesting.

How did you prepare for this role?
I read the script several times and made an analysis of my character and the story. I worked with a coach on finding the source to Marianna's actions. Basically an actor's preparations. Maybe I googled a bit on power and corruption as well...

How would you describe Marianna?
Marianna is a highly situated and modern woman. She leads sort of a dreamlife to many people, I guess. She has a perfect family and a rich and famous husband. She plays along on giving her husband space to get the career he aims for, but she suppresses herself at the same time.

Sexy Zazy deals with subjects like treason, lies, and anger. What do you think is the ultimate message this film delivers?
Seen through the Zazy, it is all about fighting your way up with all skills possible. She is willing to cross a line to get where she wants to go. And she uses all the steppingstones given to her. And it’s also about power and how easy it actually can slip away from you once you have it, due to the actions you are taking, or not taking, at critical points in life. So, be careful as I t can be a painful lesson. We see it and read about it every day.

Without giving much of the film away, how would you describe the reaction of Marianna at the end of the film?
Marianna was truly surprised that Zazy did what she did. I don’t think she ever saw the threat coming that clear!


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