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Interview with Philipp Eichholtz



Interview with Philipp Eichholtz (Director)

How did you come with the idea for this film?
The subject of the film is depression. Even if the word "depression" is never mentioned or said in the film itself. It’s about that. Sadly, I had a lot of experience myself with the subject. So the idea of the film came just by living and observing, I guess. But it was very important to me, to make a positive film about it, where you as an audience member are even allowed to laugh at times.

Is there a reason behind the duration of the movie? Somehow it seems too short for such a big story.
The first cut of the movie was actually 50 minutes longer. My editor and I had to kill a lot of our darlings to make it shorter. While the longer version had some really nice character moments, the shorter and final version has a much higher dramatic impact.

What or who did inspire you to create the character of Luca?
My girlfriend at the time inspired me for the character of Luca. The film is a love letter to her.

After this film, what advice would you give to teenagers suffering from depression as your lead character?
Oh, that’s a tough one. There is no general answer to a complex subject like depression. If you have it, try to talk about it with someone you trust. That’s no cure but a first step. In general, I think depression never really leaves you. It comes and goes in waves. So you have to find ways to live with it.

What did you find more challenging while filming Dancing Quietly?
From the production side, that we had no budget and there was no time. From a story side, to find the right balance of Luca’s downfall that keeps you engaged with her story. I rewrote the script a lot while filming.

As a young filmmaker, how do you see the German industry compared to the rest of Europe?
This won't be released in Germany, right? So I can answer honestly. If we talk about film funding, we are a very conservative country. Our neighbors make much more risky films than we do. In Germany, most of the big budget films are very dumb comedies or dramas with no humor at all. On the independent scene, however, I think we are on par with the rest of Europe. And if I talk Berlin specifically, even ahead. The city is a melting point for creative people around the world and it shows.

Are you working on any filming projects at the moment? Can you tell us something about them?
The follow-up to Dancing Quietly is already finished and it will have its premiere in 2018. It’s the final part of my little Loveletter Trilogy. The first one was Love Me! and the second one, Dancing Quietly. The lead character from Love Me! has a little cameo in Dancing Quietly at the end on the bridge . . . the girl with the red raincoat. And Luca will appear in a cameo in the next one. But it’s not really important to know that. Every movie stands completely by itself. So you need no prior knowledge of the other films. I just loved the idea that these three characters live in the same Berlin.

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